Firebase Authentication: Sign Up, Sign In, And Reset Password

Setup A Web Project in Firebase Console

  • Go to Firebase Console
  • Create a new project or select an existing project.
  • Add a new web app by clicking on the </> (web icon).
  • Follow the instructions provided, and done!

Setup Authentication

  • Go to Firebase Console > Authentication > Sign-in methods
  • Enable Email/Password

Creating the Sign-Up flow.

And, let the returning user sign-in

Few common errors while signing in:

  • auth/invalid-email: Thrown if the email address is not valid.
  • auth/user-disabled: Thrown if the user corresponding to the given email has been disabled.
  • auth/user-not-found: Thrown if there is no user corresponding to the given email.
  • auth/wrong-password: Thrown if the password is invalid for the given email, or the account corresponding to the email does not have a password set.

Have a great time, Happy Firebasing! 🔥



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